Energy Monitoring
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Our Energy Monitoring Service is Now Available

This service gathers data constantly from any number of renewable energy systems, smart meters or weather stations connected to a data logger installed at the remote location. The data logger collects information and records it on our server. You can then display the information on your own web pages and use it to analyse your energy use and generation.

The energy monitoring service has been trialled at locations throughout the UK over the last year and is now available to our members.

The software is free. We make a small yearly service charge for the internet logging service of about 8 pence per day.

You can view a live site being monitored here

Standard Service

Cost - £30 per year plus VAT
About 60p per week.

This service includes:

  • Free software
  • Free installation support
  • A free email service delivering weekly, monthly and/or daily updates
  • Free email alerts based on your requirements
  • Integration with our free renewable energy project micro sites
  • Widgets to display live information on your own web site pages
  • Optional prepaid SMS alerts and reports based on your requirements (£0.15 per message)

Energy Monitoring Device

Current Cost Meter Envi-CC128

  • Energy smart meter
  • Monitors up to three electricity supplies (or one three phase supply)
  • Requires data cable for connection to data logger

Data Loggers

System 1 - Desktop or Laptop

Use your existing desktop or laptop PC to gather data from you monitoring device. The data logger does need to be on all the time so energy consumption is a factor to consider when choosing to use your own PC.

  • Operating Systems Supported - Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux
  • Requires a connection to the internet
Estimated Power Use (Laptop) 20 Watts or 175 kWh per year
Estimated Running Cost (Laptop) £23 per year
Estimated Power Use (Standard Desktop PC) 150 Watts or 1314 kWh per year
Estimated Running Cost (Standard Desktop PC) £170 per year
Estimated Cost £Free

System 2 - Dedicated Device on Wired Network

  • Hardware - Sheeva Plug Computer
  • Requires an ethernet connection to the internet
Estimated Power Use 4.5 Watts or 35 kWh per year
Estimated Running Cost £4.50 per year
Estimated Cost £90
Available to buy but not configured for use with RenSMART, from New It
System 2 Installation Guide

System 3 - Dedicated Device on WiFi Network

  • Hardware - Acer Aspire Revo R3600
  • Requires a WiFi network connected to the internet
Estimated Power Use 20 Watts or 175 kWh per year
Estimated Running Cost £23 per year

System 4 - Remote Monitoring Device (where no internet is available)

  • Hardware - Siemens TC65 GSM Modem
  • Requires a mobile phone sim card
  • Requires mobile data coverage
  • Requires a source of power. Either mains or a solar panel with storage and adapter.
Estimated Cost £POA