RenSMART Data Logger
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The RenSMART Data Logger is based on the Sheeva Plug Computer.

We chose this product because of its low power requirements. Having gone to all the expense and effort of installing a renewable energy generation system, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting all that power monitoring the very same system.The Sheeva plug runs at just 4.5 Watts.


Estimated Power Use 4.5 Watts or 35 kWh per year

Estimated Running Cost £4.50 per year

Estimated Cost £90


  • A router with a spare Ethernet port.
    Contact us with the make and model of the router and we can let you know if it is compatible.
  • An available plug socket.
  • A continuous connection to the internet.
  • Contact us before you choose a system and we can make sure the data logger is compatible.
    We can connect with most makes of grid-tie inverter.

The Sheeva plug needs configuring by us for use with our system, so contact us and we will arrange to supply you with one.

Available to buy but not configured, from New It