A Summary of the Quote Request Process
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This is a summary of the process that is followed when a RenSMART member requests a quote.

1. A RenSMART member requests quotes from all of the RenSMART associate installers. Members define their requirements using one of RenSMART's online tools such as the Site Planner. Membership is free and you can register here

2. The installers are informed that a new quote request has been posted

3. Installers reply to the quote requests with their quotes

4. The member is informed when quotes are submitted

5. The quotes are displayed to the member as a table of quotes

6. The member can select to take forward a quote

7. The member chooses what information to send to the installer and how and when they would prefer to be contacted

8. The installer contacts the member to discuss the installation details

9. Once an installation has been agreed, the member will be able to set up a free project web site with RenSMART where they can record the progress of their project and record energy generation and use. You can see an example here

10. Once the installation is completed any other RenSMART offers relating to the quote will be supplied on presentation of a 'commissioning certificate' from the installer

This process may be subject to change in the future and any feedback will be welcomed. Please send feedback to information@rensmart.com

You can read more about the quote request process here