Wind Turbine Comparison Table
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This is a table of the commonly offered wind turbines available in the UK. The table gives information taken from the products specification sheets as supplied by the product manufacturers. This table only lists technical information, not price comparisons.

We have repeated each product for each of the different mast heights offered by the manufacturer. Where no standard hub heights are given, we have chosen a hub height that best matches the size of turbine blades.

A description of the table columns can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can change the sort order of the table by clicking on the column name.


  • Peak Output(Watts) The electrical power output when the turbine is in a steady wind with a speed matching the rated speed.
  • Mast Height The height of the wind turbine hub above ground level.
  • Peak Speed (m/s) The wind speed at which the turbine delivers its maximum power output.
  • Cut In Speed (m/s) The wind speed at which the turbine starts generating
  • Cut Out Speed (m/s) The wind speed at which the turbine stops generating. A speed of 26 m/s is given if no cut out speed is given as we only make calculations based on wind speeds up to 25 m/s