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This page is just for fun. It shows live wind data for locations around the UK. Each location has been given a four character code. The locations are displayed on the board below. You can look up location codes in the table at the bottom of the page. The number is the estimated output from a 6kW turbine in Watts.

  • Red text = a falling wind speed
  • Green text = a rising wind speed
  • Blue test = no change in wind speed

Text is highlighted when the output power changes

Live Wind Speeds UK

This page is a view of 200 UK locations with the largest populations. The table gives the current wind speed based on a combination of current weather observations, wind speed models and the wind speed trend over the last three hours.

The wind speed is then used to calculate the standardised power. This is based on a 6kW rated wind turbine with a hub height of 10 meters and a turbine blade diameter of 6 meters with an efficiency of 35 percent.

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