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You can view a video guide on using this service here

The PVGIS Solar Radiation Database was built for the European Commission. The solar radiation database was developed from climatologic data homogenized for Europe and available in the European Solar Radiation Atlas. And combines measured and modelled elements.

Either enter location details in the box below or drag the marker on the map and you will be shown the estimated solar energy available per metre squared.

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The information given on this page is the amount of energy arriving from the sun on an average day. Only a small percentage of this can be converted into electrical energy using solar pv panels. The RenSMART site planner tool will help you to estimate what this would mean at your location.

Once you have found a location you are interested in, use the RenSMART Site Planner to get further information about the site's suitability for a renewable energy generation system by clicking here.

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Renewable Energy Maps for Google Earth

You can now view the NOABL wind map and PVGIS solar map for the UK in the free Google Application Google Earth.


We charge a fee of £50 per year to use this service. You can have a one week free trial if you are a RenSMART member.

To start you free trial:

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