EconomyGREEN Tag and App

We have now developed an app to help you decide when the best time to run your washing machine, dishwasher or tumble drier. The app is opened by tapping your phone on a small tag that you stick on your device.

The app takes into account the electiricty used by the appliance and the day's renewable energy forecast to calculate the best time the appliance should be run.

Using the delay function on your appliance, you can set the required program start at this time. This will help to reduce the amount of green house gasses emitted to generate its electricity.

Coming Soon

We are just sorting out the finer details to make this product ready for sale. If you would like to be informed when this service is available please contact us at

Making It Simple

Using NFC technology, we have devised a tag that you can stick on your washing machine, dishwasher or tumble drier. Simply configure your tag once with the make and model of your device, and your phone tells you when to start and what you will save when you tap it on the tag.

How Much Will I Save

In the UK we run almost 17 billion washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier loads each year. The electricity used - 16 giga watt hours - generates 6.5 million tons of green house gasses and accounts for 25% of the greenhouse gasses produced generating domestic electricity. economyGREEN could help you reduce the green house gasses produced by washing appliances by 10% or 23 kg per year.which This may not sound much, but is same amount saved by recycling 500 tin cans.

How We Work It Out

The amount of green house gasses released into the atmosphere to generate our electricity changes throughout the day as the amount of renewable energy available changes. Each day, the National Grid publishes a forecast for the day giving the amount of renewable energy they expect to be generated. Using this, combined with your specific appliance information, we can suggest the best time when the highest proportion of electricity will come from renewable sources.


Check your Washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier has a delay function.

Check your phone supports NFC tags. It should be in the list here. If not, please email with the make and model of your phone and we will confirm if it supports NFC tags.


Check your device is in our supported. It should be in the list here

Please email if you can not find it in our list. We will get back to you as soon as it is added. Once we have contacted you, you can progress to step 3.


Each tag will be associated with the appliance it is stuck on. Stick your economyGREEN tag on your chosen appliance.


Unlock your phone and tap it on the econoyGREEN tag.

As this is the first time you have used this tag, you will need to set it up for the applicance you have stuck it on.


Select your appliance type.


Select your appliance manufacturer.


Select your appliance model.

When you next tap on your tag, the app will open at the next step (8).


Select the program you want to run.

The app will contact our server to calculate the best time to run your applicance program with low carbon electricity.


Tap the timer to hear the advice read to you.


Set your appliance delay timer to the time delay displayed in the app.


Tap the timer a second time to record you have taken the advice.

We will be able to use this information to tell you what reduction in green house gas emmissions you have achieved.