Personal Annual Carbon Allowance

RenSMART is dedicated to helping mitigate accelerated climate change due to human factors. Three measures are required to reduce our cabon intensity to a level where temperature rises can be kept with safe limits. Firstly a measure of where we are now, secondly a measure of where we should be and finally a measure of the improvment delivered by the life choices we make.

To enable the second measure, where we should be, we are introducing the PACA (Personal Annual Carbon Allowance). A voluntary target for indivuduals to attempt to attain through actions they choose to take.

1 PACA (for 2021) = 4660 kg CO2 per person per year.

RenSMART will use the PACA as a measure throughout our site, applications and calculations, and make tools available for people to track their progress.

To enable the PACA to be used in daily life choices, we will be presenting some values as percentage of a PACA and as the following sub units: